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The Walrus with Lloyd Robertson

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Sunday, December 10

Norma Wick reads Geneviève Pettersen's short story "The Queen of Zilch," as translated by Neil Smith. Then, Tasha Henry reads an excerpt from Adam Gopnik's new book "At The Strangers' Gate." And finally, Norma Wick reads Jessica Johnson's article about the automated investing platform Wealthsimple, titled "Money Makeover." Jessica Johnson, executive editor and creative director of The Walrus, joins us for an interview following the article.

Sunday, December 3

Matt Speirs reads Jason McBride’s article "Best in Show," about the wildly successful children’s television show Paw Patrol. McBride is a Toronto-based journalist who has spent a lot of money over the years on Paw Patrol merchandise. Then: art critics and psychologists have said for years that painters and other artists peak at an early age. But Emily Urquhart says her eighty-three-year-old father Tony Urquhart is producing some of the best work of his life. Tasha Henry reads her article, titled "Old Masters." Emily Urquhart is a writer based in Kitchener, Ontario. She joins us for a short interview following the article reading.

Sunday, November 26

Denis Coderre was defeated by a political newcomer who had barely won her own party's nomination. Norma Wick reads Justin Ling's profile of the new mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plante. And: investors in Silicon Valley are pouring money into the race to build the world's first self-driving truck. But more than one in every 100 workers in Canada is a trucker. John Devenish reads Sharon J. Riley's feature article, titled "Overhauled."

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