ATW Weekend Edition

Unwind from the work week and have some fun with Anthony McLachlan and our talented presenters on ATW: Weekend Edition!

ATW Weekend Edition Hosts and Presenters

Anthony McLachlan, Alex Smyth, Laura Bain, Grant Hardy and Dave Brown all standing together in a park.


Anthony McLachlan
Anthony is a graduate of Carleton University and the College of Sports Media. He has an eye condition called Congenital Nystagmus (involuntary movement of the eyes caused by light sensitivity) and is an avid sports fan. Follow Anthony on Twitter: @McLachTalk 


Dave Brown - Ottawa
Dave Brown has worked in broadcasting since 2009. After studying radio at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Dave began working in television for Shaw Media and AMI in 2011. Passionate about sports, food and travel, Dave also enjoys working in the community, and acts as a master of ceremonies at fundraisers for several local charities. Follow Dave on Twitter: @davebrownradio

Laura Bain - Halifax
Laura is a recent graduate of Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, she has long had an interest in advocating on behalf of persons with disabilities and in serving as a mentor. When not working as an ATW presenter, Laura likes to spend her time being active and getting outdoors, including hitting the streets or trails on her tandem bike! Follow Laura on Twitter: @coolblindgirl

Grant Hardy - Vancouver
Grant was born and raised in BC and is passionate about broadcasting and dragon boat racing. There’s a real ‘techy’ side to him too, as he’s often exploring the latest gadgets and apps or offering technology training on a volunteer basis. Grant is also committed to making a difference in his community by sharing his story on behalf of the Rick Hansen Foundation’s Ambassador Program. Follow Grant on Twitter: @amigranthardy

Alex Smyth - Edmonton
Alex graduated from the journalism program at Mohawk College in 2016 where he discovered his passion for broadcasting and has previously worked for ET Canada and Global News. A self-proclaimed geek, he likes to spend his spare time playing board games, watching sports, and travelling. Diagnosed with Usher’s Syndrome, Alex is determined to help to raise awareness of the issues in the disability community. Follow Alex on Twitter: @AleSmyth