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Upcoming events:

Thursday, June 21 - The Steadward Centre’s 40th Anniversary Gala 

Join Mike Ross and Joeita Gupta, hosts of Live from Studio 5 for exclusive event coverage from The Steadward Centre’s 40th Anniversary Gala event, including interviews with guests and appearances by Rick Hansen, Chantal Petitclerc and many more. 

Friday, June 22 - W. Ross MacDonald School Reunion

Join Kelly MacDonald and Ramya Amuthan, hosts of Kelly and Company as they broadcast live from the 2018 W. Ross MacDonald School Alumni Reunion. Listen for interviews with organizers, students and alumni board members. 

Saturday, June 23 - Lake Joe 

Dave Brown, host of The Pulse, visits a fully accessible summer camp located in the heart of Muskoka. Dave chats with students and organizers and learns more about the camp run by the CNIB. 


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