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Episode 415: Friday, July 20

On our Chatty Bookshelf, Ryan Hooey tells us about Canadian voice actors breaking into the audiobook market with the support of Apple’s App Store revenue nearly double that of Google Play in the first half of 2018. Kristina Stoyanova of The App Store explains.

Episode 414: Thursday, July 19

Greyhound Canada has taken the difficult decision to downsize its operations, discontinuing both passenger and freight services in Western Canada by October 31, 2018. Stuart Kendrick, Senior Vice President of Greyhound Canada joins us with updates on this announcement. Mike Feir dives back into audio dramas; this time, an Audible Original Drama called The Man on the Mountain Top.

Episode 413: Wednesday, July 18

We start our series on the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival 2018 with Michael McNeely. He gives us a run down on ticket pricing, and shares some of his favorite films from last year’s festival. Mary Mammolitti shares ideas for a no-cook Picnic, and a Raspberry Lemonade drink to wash it all down!

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