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Episode 376: Friday, May 25

A new study revealed that men and women use Tinder for two totally different reasons, and neither involves finding love. Graham Williams from the App Show joins us to explain! Ryan Hooey drops by to tell us about a book that's sole purpose is to put you to sleep. What's this book about and how does it work? Ryan explains!

Episode 375: Thursday, May 24

Audible has adapted a horror movie from the 1970's into a two-hour audio drama called Blood on Satan's Claw. What’s it all about? Mike Feir fills us in! Naidex is Europe's biggest event focussed on independent living for disabled people. It involves exhibits of the latest technology and a range of speakers in the disability arena. We’ll find out more about this event with contributor Fern Lulham from the UK.

Episode 374: Wednesday, May 23

In Saskatoon, they are looking at making some changes with their disabled parking permits, and some people aren't happy. What changes are they looking at? Jim Krysko explains. Whether you're a grill master or just starting off, what should you have in your grilling tool kit? Mary Mammoliti shares her secrets!

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