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Recent Episodes:

Episode 316: Friday, February 23

Mike Agerbo from the App Show tells us that Google is replacing Android Pay and Google Wallet with a new app. Our BC colleague Sylvi Fekete tells us about some CNIB 100 events, including a production of The Velveteen Rabbit at the Carousel Theatre on Granville Island. And this week's episode of Friday Vibes features a special guest and a surprise quiz!

Episode 315: Thursday, February 22

We speak with actor Patrick Galligan from the Mirvish play King Charles III. Community reporter Anthony Hodgetts gives us an update on the CNIB Calgary Vision Mate program. And on this week's round table we ask if any good came from the false-alarm missile warning in Hawaii.

Episode 314: Wednesday, February 21

Margrett Weldon explains if you can take provincial support benefits with you when you move across provincial boundaries. We speak with University of Toronto scientist and inventor Dr. Ronald Soong about his efforts to make laboratories more accessible. And Greg David reviews BritBox and other new streaming services available to Canadians.


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