Board of Directors: Natalie Martiniello

Natalie Martiniello

Natalie is a Vision Rehabilitation Specialist who has taught both braille and assistive technology to clients of all ages. In fall 2015, Natalie began a Ph.D. in Blindness Rehabilitation whereby she researches braille reading performance and the impact of new braille technologies. She is a long-time braille and assistive technology user and has been serving as National Secretary for Braille Literacy Canada since 2012. She also serves as Canadian representative on the braille research and braille technology committees of the International Council of English Braille.

Until 2014, she worked as a researcher for the Adaptech Research Network, which conducts research on post-secondary students with disabilities, with an emphasis on universal design, eLearning and access to information. As a doctoral researcher, she is now a member of the Wittich Vision Impairment Research lab.

On a personal level, she is also passionate about projects that focus on the impact of disability stereotypes and media representations. Natalie is married and resides in Montreal with her husband and her loyal guide dog, Carlina.