YouTube stars Rikki Poynter and Molly Burke, along with her guide dog Gallop, stand with AMI's Peter Armstrong and Chris O'Brien around a sign with the words "see" and "hear" crossed out so only the word "access" remains.

YouTube Accessibility Summit

YouTube demonstrated its commitment to people with disabilities by hosting the inaugural YouTube Accessibility Summit.

Sue Decker, Executive Director and CEO, Canadian Administrator of VRS (CAV), on stage communicating with sign language.

Video Relay Service

The Canadian national video relay service provides users of American Sign Language (ASL) and langue des signes québécoise (LSQ) across Canada with Internet-based videoconferencing solutions and apps to communicate with people from the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Image of Apple's iPhone 7 and Air Pods, wireless headphones in carrying case.

AMI Insiders discuss Apple's iPhone 7

AMI This Week Presenter Dave Brown weighs in on the iPhone 7 headphone jack debate, along with Get Connected's Mike Agerbo and Cool Blind Tech, Jessica Rickards.

Image showing an elevated wooden area covered by a tent in front of the main stage at the Hillside music festival. A sign shows a graphic of a person in a wheelchair with the text: "Share the Shade. This oasis is reserved for individuals with special needs. Thank you!" It is signed with the letters ASK, which is an acronym for Access Support Krew.

Accessibility at Ottawa Bluesfest

AMI This Week Presenter Dave Brown responds to Amy Volume’s troubles with accessibility at Ottawa Bluesfest.

AMI-tv videographer Amit Tandon films Presenter Grant Hardy and Get Connected Host Mike Agerbo at the top of an elevator at CES 2016.

Moovit Accessible Transit App

AMI This Week Presenter Grant Hardy discusses how he uses the accessible public transportation app Moovit during his commutes in Vancouver.

AMI This Week co-host Molly Burke interviews Rikki Poynter on a couch with video camera operator filming.

Molly Burke and Rikki Poynter

Molly Burke and Rikki Poynter Collaborate on a vlog!