molly burke

YouTube stars Rikki Poynter and Molly Burke, along with her guide dog Gallop, stand with AMI's Peter Armstrong and Chris O'Brien around a sign with the words "see" and "hear" crossed out so only the word "access" remains.

YouTube Accessibility Summit

YouTube demonstrated its commitment to people with disabilities by hosting the inaugural YouTube Accessibility Summit.

AMI This Week co-host Molly Burke interviews Rikki Poynter on a couch with video camera operator filming.

Molly Burke and Rikki Poynter

Molly Burke and Rikki Poynter Collaborate on a vlog!

Molly Burke wears a wet suit while sitting in shallow water and laughing as her feet rest on a surfboard.

Blind Surf Camp

AMI This Week's Molly Burke packed her suitcase for surfing camp in California to prove ‪‎Matthew from Tinder‬ wrong.