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Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe: The AMI Emergency Series debuts on

Power outages. Fire. Severe weather. Earthquakes. Today, Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) announces the debut of the AMI Emergency Series, available now on and the AMI-tv App.

Hosted by Paralympian Ness Murby, the AMI Emergency Series details steps Canadians in the blind and partially sighted community should take to be prepared for emergencies. Divided into two- to five-minute segments, episodes cover earthquakes, power failure, fire and severe weather, and offer tips on preparing a week of supplies for yourself, family and guide dog. 

The first six episodes, available now, introduce the series; help you evaluate the area in which you live, and the disasters that could strike there; the key steps to beating a blackout emergency with the right plan, tools, and advice; how to deal with different types of storms as they strike; preparing an at-home emergency kits that is particular to you; and creating a first-aid kit. 

Instalments debuting in the coming weeks include the key steps to preparing your guide dog plan, pitfalls to watch out for, and how to build an emergency kit that will meet their needs; what you should include in your personalized grab and go kit to ensure your needs as a person who is blind or partially sighted are met; which documents you need to secure, and how to secure them easily; and the steps you should use, as a person who is blind or partially sighted, to create effective plans that will be easy to stick to in an emergency.

“With everything going on in the world today, the AMI Emergency Series is a timely addition to our content," says John Melville, Vice-President, Content Development & Programming, AMI-audio/AMI-tv. “It is important for Canadians, especially those in the blind and partially sighted and disability community, to have the tools to be prepared and keep themselves and their families safe.”

The AMI Emergency Series is available now on and the AMI-tv App.

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