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AMI announces Access Tech Live, a new revolution in accessibility and technology television

AMI is thrilled to announce the launch of the groundbreaking new AMI-tv series, Access Tech Live. Slated to debut on Thursday, September 14, at Noon Eastern, Access Tech Live is a live weekly broadcast that promises an interactive experience for viewers and the ability to cover technology news as it unfolds. 

Access Tech Live isn’t just another technology show—it’s a platform that specifically addresses technology from the perspective of accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Featuring live interviews, hands-on reviews and in-depth discussions, Access Tech Live is dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology, accessibility and disability. 

Produced by Double Tap Productions, the same company behind the successful Double Tap TV—and in partnership with AMI—Access Tech Live is hosted by the dynamic duo of Steven Scott and Marc Aflalo, known for their engaging presentation style and deep expertise in the field of accessible technology. 

Access Tech Live is an exciting new opportunity for our audience to get involved,” says host Steven Scott. “As a weekly live show, it provides a unique platform where viewers can interact in real time, ask questions and share their experiences with Marc and I. Access Tech Live will bridge the gap between technology and accessibility, providing a space where these discussions can occur openly and constructively.”

Access Tech Live represents a significant step forward in its commitment to fostering inclusivity and providing essential information to the disability community,” says John Melville, Vice President of Content Development and Operations, AMI. “It ensures everyone access to the latest technology trends and advancements.”

About Steven Scott

Steven Scott is a radio broadcaster with over 20 years of experience. Steven’s partial sight has meant that he has had to learn and adapt to new technologies throughout his lifetime, and as a bit of geeky guy he loves nothing more than telling everyone about the latest gadgets he’s found. Follow Steven on Twitter @BlindGuyTech.

About Marc Aflalo

Marc Aflalo has been in the Canadian broadcasting industry for over 25 years, working mostly behind the scenes to build and create compelling broadcast content throughout North America. Marc is a skilled broadcast engineer and consults regularly with major broadcasters worldwide. You can follow Marc on Twitter @marcaflalo.

Access Tech Live airs Thursdays at Noon Eastern, beginning September 14, on AMI-tv. Stream Access Tech Live anytime on and the AMI-tv App.

For media inquiries and information, please contact: Greg David, Communications Specialist, Accessible Media Inc.,, 647-417-0631