Senior Staff

  • Authored on September 4, 2019

David Errington, President and CEO

David is a passionate advocate for media accessibility, which combined with his more than 20 years of broadcast experience, makes him the ideal head of a world-leading company dedicated to making accessible media for all. Since joining AMI in July 2009, David has been instrumental in spearheading and overseeing the rebranding of the organization and its broadcast services as well as enhancing AMI's contribution to the broadcast industry and accessibility community through the launch of the DV Guide and Described Video Best Practices. In addition, under David’s leadership the AMI-audio and AMI-tv broadcast licenses were renewed and AMI was awarded a French language described video channel, AMI-télé, which launched December 2014. Immediately prior to joining AMI, David was Executive Vice President and Co-Chief Operating Officer of Score Media, responsible for programming, marketing, sales and technical operations for all broadcast, broadband, satellite radio and mobile assets.

“My vision is to make media accessible across all platforms, including broadcast, broadband, wireless and any future medium that comes along,” he says. “Our audience wants to access media just like any other Canadian and it’s our mandate to deliver that.”