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  • Authored on February 25, 2016

AMI Scholarship Award winner Jack McCormick looks into AMI's master control room during a guided tour of our Toronto office.

Accessible Design Features

AMI has built its state-of-the-art broadcast facility from the ground up with accessible features. Tours of the Toronto head office are available. To request a tour, please email:

The following accessibility features were factored into the design of AMI’s office space.

​Ease of Use

  • ​Uncluttered space for ease of navigation
  • Wide hallways with right angle turns
  • Furniture and fixtures sit at right angles
  • Large/open reception area
  • Fire extinguishers, fire hose cabinets and drinking fountains in hallways recessed in wall


Low Vision Accommodations

  • Slip-resistant, matte/non-glare floor finishes
  • Colour/brightness and border to differentiate floors and walls; doors and frames
  • Contrasting, textured floor to indicate intersection in corridors
  • Low-glare internal and external windows
  • Low-glare light fixtures mounted at different heights
  • Colour contrast between equipment, furniture and cabinetry
  • Light flooring to increase reflectance
  • Colour variation used throughout the office to promote ease of identification
  • Colour contrast between walls and end of hallways

Blind Accommodations

  • Tactile floor finishes at elevator doors indicate AMI location
  • Contrasting, textured floor indicate intersection in corridors
  • Limited use of: carpet, acoustic tiles, upholstered furniture and acoustic panels to encourage echolocation
  • Braille signage identifying boardrooms, kitchen, closet, washrooms etc.

Wheelchair Accommodations

  • Two-tiered counters in reception accommodate wheelchair access
  • Wide hallways with right angle turns
  • Switches, card readers and other control devices are located at accessible heights
  • Large/open reception area