AMI Inside: Vision Quest

  • Season 3
  • Episode 1
  • Authored on October 12, 2016

Episode Description

Join us in Edmonton, Alberta for Vision Quest – a one day forum that connects leading scientists with those living with vision loss and their families. We discuss new and exciting research surrounding retinal implants and gene and stem cell therapies.

Keywords: University of Alberta Department of Ophthalmology, Stem cell research, Retinal Implants, Foundation Fighting Blindness, Vision Quest Edmonton Alberta, Macular Degeneration, Ocular Gene Therapy, Inherited Retinal Disease, Stargardts, Choroideremia, Orcam, Aroga Technologies, Dr. Ian MacDonald, Dr. Matthew Tennant, Dr. Paul Grewal, Dr. Davis Plemel, Dr. Steven Lapere, Mary Sunderland, Ted Allison, Gerry Chevalier.