Come At Me Bro

  • Season 3
  • Episode 3
  • Authored on September 19, 2017

Episode Description

Kelly takes out his rage on his old junk, learns a new form of self-defence, and reminds us why the Paralympics are so important.

Keywords: Accessible Media, Blind Sighted, Jimmy Cheung, Stephen Shew, Robert Ferreira, Kevin Yateman, JB Larramendy, Kelly MacDonald, Sharon Caddy, Suzanne Shipley, Nicole Passmore, Adele Dicks, Sasha Allen, Luca Anamaria, Andrew Camacho, Charlotte Cattell, Geoffrey Cork, Taylor Katzel, Ned Petrie, Emily Richardson, Battle Sports, The Piston, Krav Maga, Rage Room, Israeli martial arts, self-defence, Paralympics