Gone Fishing

  • Season 3
  • Episode 10
  • Authored on November 16, 2017

Episode Description

Kelly navigates a challenging obstacle course, tries to hook the catch of the day and lets us know what personal space means to individuals with vision loss.

Keywords: Rebeca Ortiz, Wil Mclean, Taro Murata, Kelly MacDonald, Suzanne Shipley, Nicole Passmore, Adele Dicks, Sasha Allen, Luca Anamaria, Andrew Camacho, Charlotte Cattell, Geoffrey Cork, Taylor Katzel, Ned Petrie, Emily Richardson, Pursuit OCR, Cook’s Bay, Lake Simcoe, Keswick, Bancroft, Millennium Park, Obstacle Course, indoor climbing, blind breakup, fishing, boat, catching fish, Blind Sighted