Sailor's Life for Me

  • Season 3
  • Episode 6
  • Authored on October 17, 2017

Episode Description

Kelly helps train a K9 police unit, successfully skippers a sailboat and urges us not to be inspired simply because someone has a disability.

Keywords: Olympus K9, Pando Stepanis, The Blind Sailing Association of Canada, Fred Braches, Chris Jonas, Yvonne Mellows, Kelly MacDonald, Suzanne Shipley, Nicole Passmore, Adele Dicks, Sasha Allen, Luca Anamaria, Andrew Camacho, Charlotte Cattell, Geoffrey Cork, Taylor Katzel, Ned Petrie, Emily Richardson, Olympus K9, Orangeville, Marina Quay West, Pier 3, Harbourfront, Ormskirk Park, Police dog training, blind sailing Canada, tacking, painting class, Blind Sighted