Selected National Post articles from the week of July 3, 2017

  • Season 2017
  • Episode 23
  • Authored on July 10, 2017

Episode Description

An Indigenous writer reflects on the legacy of the 1990 Oka rebellion. China’s ambassador to Canada has some blunt words for local reporters. And, Sony starts making vinyl records again, after 28 years.

Keywords: National Post, reading service, Nancy Wilson, Hugh Wilson, Anastasia MacLean, Stephen Harper, Canada 150, Christie Blatchford, Peter Mansbridge, Robert Jago, Mohawk, Oka, Kanesatake, John Ivison, governor-general, indigenous, Omar Khadr, apology, concrete, Rome, ancient, Nicholas Kristoff, extreme poverty, global poverty, disease, China, ambassador, Canadian Press, Kelly McParland, Christy Clark, BC, vinyl, records, Sony