Chris O'Brien, Accessibility Officer

  • Authored on October 19, 2016

Chris O'BrienChris is the Accessibility Officer and head of the Media Accessibility Services department for Accessible Media Inc (AMI), a national not-for-profit broadcaster and media company in Canada. He is an accessibility professional with a decade of experience, and technologist for over 20 years. Chris is a leader in the field of accessibility, exemplified through participation in the following activities:

  • Chair - Described Video Best Practices (DVBP) Committee (Canada)
  • Advisory Committee representative - World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
  • Advisory Committee representative - Inclusive Media Course Series - Ryerson University
  • Advisory Committee representative - Mohawk College Program Advisory Committee (PAC)
  • Member - Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Education and Outreach Working Group (W3C)
  • Member - Accessible Platform Architecture (APA) Working Group (W3C)
  • Member (former) - Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) Video Programming subcommittee
  • Accessibility Strand Advisor (former) - Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA)

You can follow Chris on Twitter: @a11ycob