Welcome to the new AMI.ca!

A laptop with AMI.ca displayed.

Welcome to the new AMI.ca!

You’ll notice a different look to the website, including the new AMI logo, and a cleaner, more streamlined layout featuring high-contrast blue banners and customizable accessibility settings for the blind and partially sighted community we serve.

The previous website, in use since 2016, had become outdated and didn’t reflect the changes taking place at AMI.

“Technical infrastructure has come a long way since 2016, and the user experience has changed. We wanted to bring it completely up to date with our contemporary audience,” says Virginia Vuleta, Director, Digital Strategy at AMI.

They say content is king, and that is apparent on AMI.ca: accessing your favourite AMI-tv and AMI-audio programs has never been easier. 

Located near the top of the page, WATCH means learning more about and streaming AMI’s original television shows like AMI This Week, Our Community, Eyes for the Job and Employable Me. LISTEN directs users to AMI-audio programs like NOW with Dave Brown, Kelly and Company and The Pulse. Simply put, we have simplified the language.

“We wanted to make it easy to understand that AMI is a content company serving the blind and partially sighted community in Canada,” Virginia says. “We have a great inventory of content, whether it be video, audio, podcasts or blogs; it’s there and it’s easy to discover.”

Accessibility is paramount to our audience, and we’re thrilled to unveil Accessibility Preferences. Placed at the very top of the site and on every page of AMI.ca, users can choose from eight levels of contrast, change the line spacing and the font. Once those selections are made, the website will remember those settings. AMI.ca is fully compatible with assistive technology, including screen readers and magnifiers, and Windows, Apple and Android platforms and devices.

Testing and consultation with members of Fable—a diverse community of accessibility professionals, each living with a disability—resulted in a simple, easy-to-use layout that puts AMI’s content at the forefront.

“Accessibility is becoming increasingly important,” says James Jones, Digital Marketing Analyst at AMI. “A more accessible website is better for everyone.”  

Fans of streaming AMI-audio, rejoice! Listen Live has been rebranded as Live Audio, offering users the opportunity to steam AMI-audio directly from AMI.ca. A new display provides information on what program is currently playing, how much time remains in the current program, and the next three programs on the AMI-audio schedule to follow.

And, three of the most-visited pages on the old AMI.ca—the AMI-tv and AMI-audio schedules and Described Video Guide—take pride of place at the top of every page on AMI.ca. 

Enjoy your visit to the new AMI.ca and feel free to give us feedback on what you think about it: info@ami.ca.