White Cane Coffee

A steaming cup of coffee sits on a heap of coffee beans spilling from a burlap sack.

My guests today were Erin and Bob Willman from Warren, Pennsylvania. Erin is the CEO of White Cane Coffee and her dad, Bob, is her business partner and collaborator. It was the very first time I had a father-daughter combo on the show and I honestly wondered why I haven’t done something like this before. 

White Cane Coffee serves coffee with a conscience. It was Erin’s brainchild, after repeated interview experiences where employers only saw Erin’s cane and glasses. Coffee brings all of us together and Erin tapped into this universal market to carve out a niche for people with disabilities. 

I left the interview buzzing. Nisreen, Technical Producer for The Pulse likewise found their vision compelling and their company fascinating. I was just elated myself that people with disabilities, like Erin, were blazing a path forward for the community as a whole.  

Although they have yet to expand to Canada, you can check out their website at: