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Sports Access heads into the wilderness of the Kootenay Region of British Columbia for Project Adventure, involving camping and survival techniques for teenagers with visual impairments. Host Mark DeMontis is up for the challenge in this unforgettable season finale of Sports Access.

Peter Mansbridge

Kelly learns how to rock climb at indoor climbing gym, Joe Rockheads. He also interviews CBC’s chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge and enjoys the sounds of rap duo "Typewriter".

Best Of

Anna-Karina Tabuñar takes a look back at our favourite moments from Season 3.

Home Alone

More than 12,000 Ontarians with intellectual disabilities have been waiting for a group home placement for over a decade. Their aging parents, now unable to fully support their children, are demanding a change in the system. Host Anna-Karina Tabuñar talks to frustrated parents to figure out what can be done.

Big Changes to the Small Screen

The way we watch television has changed  but not all of those changes benefit everyone. We discuss the technology of accessibility and what is being done to make the television viewing experience better for people with disabilities.

House Hunting

What challenges do people with physical disabilities face while house hunting, especially when there is a shortage of accessible housing? Host Anna-Karina examines the accessible housing crisis in Ontario and discusses new housing schemes in place throughout Canada.