Meet the Hosts of Eyes for the Job

Rebekah stands beside Chris with her arm resting on his shoulder. They are smiling for the camera.

Chris Judge

Born the son of a carpenter, Chris' interest in building started at a young age. Always eager to learn new skills that interest grew into a passion for carpentry and other do-it-yourself projects, making Chris a lifelong handyman! He brings a unique perspective to the show as he was also born blind and will share some of his accessibility tips in the hopes of inspiring other individuals living with vision loss to get creative and try some DIY projects of their own.

Rebekah Higgs

An accomplished singer, songwriter and do-it-yourself mom! Never one to shy away from a challenge, Rebekah took on the task of renovating a colonial-style home for herself and her daughter. Hoping to inspire other moms to tackle their own DIY tasks, upcycling projects and home renovations on a budget she started a web series called DIY MOM, sharing how to tutorials and DIY tips. Keep up with her latest projects on Twitter: @rebekahhiggs.