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Laura Bain previews the Self-Love is Blind Podcast

Jillian Gillis sits at a desk, with a microphone in front of her.

I recently had the chance to connect with Jillian Gillis about her new podcast Self-Love is Blind. While it’s true that Jillian happens to be a friend of mine from the blind community in Halifax, I think what most people will enjoy about the podcast, whether they know Jillian or not, is that each episode feels like a chat between friends. The show is a good antidote to feelings of loneliness and isolation brought on by third wave COVID restrictions. 

As the name implies, the podcast’s theme is self-love. In each episode, Jillian speaks with a different guest about their successes and challenges. The conversations are raw and refreshingly honest. Jillian shares openly about her struggles with mental illness and the steps she has taken towards wellness. The show is uplifting without any hint of toxic positivity. 

For Jillian, creating the podcast was itself an act of self-love. As it has for so many, the pandemic gave her a chance to re-evaluate her career path and to think about what she wanted from life. Rather than continuing in her field, she “pivoted” and spent her time during lockdown learning the necessary skills to produce Self-Love is Blind, which she hopes will inspire others and be a financial success. 

To hear more about how she did it and what she’s learned along the way, tune in to Monday’s new episode of AMI This Week at 8 p.m. Eastern. Stream it on demand on or the AMI-tv App.

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