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Through My Lens

Authored on August 10, 2023

"Amy Amantea is a multi disciplinary art with legal blindness and a love for photography. With a focus on “Finding the Light,” Amy asks people to describe the photos she has taken and never really seen. Amy uses her recollection of place and time to engage in conversation and shared memory, creating a unique participant experience.

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Authored on July 13, 2023

Goldbard is a divergent creative who is sharing their healing gifts with the world through art, writing and song. Whether performing with their duo, SonicJoy, or doing healing work with clients as a trauma recovery coach, their work centres their lived experience in a queer, neurodivergent, fat, trauma survivor body. They believe the arts are our most powerful tool for personal and collective transformation, and that QUEER JOY is the birthright of every human on this planet.

Episode Highlights:

  • Song - "When Love Wins"  (5:48)
  • How does disability impact writing and performing music?  (10:24)
  • The Journey to Self-Advocacy  (14:15)
  • Where do you get your inspiration?  (20:16)
  • Taking Space for Yourself  (22:07)
  • Mixed Bag Game (24:30)

Check out more work from Goldbard: Instagram, YouTube, Spotify

Meet host Amy Amantea: Bio, "Vocal Eye" episode of Our Community.


From the Margins with Jennifer Burgmann

Authored on June 8, 2023

"When you acquire a disability, there is a period of adjustment when you figure out what this “new life” looks like. And, while you do that, those around you are often comparing you to who you were or looking at you as someone how won't be able to function in society or live a normal life. What is “normal” anyway? Who decides what that looks like? If you are Jennifer Burgmann, you are taking these everyday experiences of ableism and oppression and integrating them into your creative process proving it to be both satisfying and empowering!

Celebrate British Columbia's Access Awareness Day with Jennifer Burgmann, who is lending her talents from her home in Surrey, B.C.

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