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Episode 125: Behind the Scenes of Audiobooks

Authored on February 3, 2024

On today's episode:

We’ve spoken in the past about the huge role audiobook producers have over the final product of a project.

So many small decisions on their part come together to shape what we end up spending hours eagerly consuming.

Our guest this week, Caleb Stoll, is the technical director of the audiobook program at Penguin Random House Canada.

He’s involved in many of the stages of production for the audiobooks they produce out of their studios in Toronto.

From the technical aspects of sound recording, engineering sessions and directing narrators,

Caleb is well placed to shine some light on the behind the scenes of the audio book world.

Episode 124: The Art of Book Recommendations

Authored on January 27, 2024

A huge part of living the audio bookworm lifestyle is constantly seeking out your next read. That means taking tons of recommendations, be it from websites, close friends or coworkers. That said, not all recommendations are made equal.
What is it that makes us take recommendations seriously? And how can we do better the next time we recommend an audiobook to our friends?

Today we’re talking about the art of the book recommendation, and what better person to have for this discussion than our very own Audiobook curator, Aamer Khan?

A little later, we’ll also get to the book club’s input on this topic.

Episode 123: Multi-Voice Narration

Authored on January 20, 2024

Multi-Voice narration audiobooks offer a product that’s more like an engrossing old-school audio drama when done well. When done badly, though, they can be a disjointed mess of cringe, so say the haters.

Sarah Hillis is here to help us break it down.

Plus, Natasha Peters is our avid bookworm this week, and a rapid-fire review with Natasha is coming up in the 2nd half of the show.