AMI-audio discusses COVID-19

As Canada and the world reacts to the impact of the coronavirus, AMI-audio's NOW with Dave Brown, The Pulse and Kelly and Company are keeping listeners up to date on the latest news and information. 

To keep you informed, here is a collection of segments from their latest programs relating to the pandemic.

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What is the coronavirus? How is it transmitted? What are its symptoms? Visit the Government of Canada website for facts, prevention and risks.

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Kelly and Company The Pulse NOW with Dave Brown


Kelly and Company

Are dining tents safe during the pandemic?   
November 25, 2020 - Are dining tents a safe way to eat out during the pandemic? Jeff Ryman explains in his health report.

Canadians writing digital postcards about their experience through the pandemic
November 20, 2020 - There’s a really cool project going on right now encouraging Canadians to write digital postcards about their experience through the pandemic. Ryan Hooey explains more on the Chatty Bookshelf.

What does COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness mean?
November 18, 2020 - What does COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness mean? Jeff Ryman explains in his health report.

Who gets priority for a COVID-19 vaccine?
November 16, 2020 - Know Your Rights contributor Danielle McLaughlin talks about who will have priority once a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available.

Impact of the pandemic on income assistance 
November 11, 2020 - In Manitoba, a disability advocate is trying to draw attention to the impact of the pandemic on income assistance. Jim Krysko has the story.

How close are we to seeing a vaccine for COVID-19? 
November 11, 2020 - How close are we to seeing a vaccine for COVID-19? What steps are needed to get approval for a vaccine? Jeff Ryman shares the details in his health report.

Does weather affect the spread of the coronavirus outside?
November 4, 2020 - Does weather affect the spread of the coronavirus outside? Jeff Ryman answers this question in his health report.

Updates to the COVID-19 Alert app
October 30, 2020 - The COVID Alert app has updated to send more precise notifications. John Biehler of The App Show stops by to tell us more.


The Pulse

Cooking, COVID, and Conversation 
November 21, 2020 - Mary Mammoliti joins us to talk about her podcast, Kitchen Confession, which documents her love of food, conversations with people with disabilities who share her love of good cooking. Mary provides some tips and tricks for cooking during the pandemic.

Eating Disorders During COVID-19
November 7, 2020 - Jaclyn Siegel of Western University discusses her research into the impact of the pandemic on people with eating disorders. COVID-19 has created unique challenges, including access to treatments for people with eating disorders. Jaclyn encourages us to rethink our messages about body weight and image. 

Documenting Disability During the Pandemic
October 4, 2020 - Italian photographer and visual designer Stefano Sbrulli discusses his candid photographs of people who are blind and partially sighted during the COVID-19 lockdown in Italy. His pictures document the lives and stories of blind Italians, which he hopes to include in a forthcoming book. 


NOW with Dave Brown

Pandemic in Canada  
November 25, 2020 - Our Veteran Political Correspondent Craig Oliver joins us to discuss the latest news in Canadian and international politics. Craig Oliver shares his thoughts on developing a manufacturing sector for vaccines in Canada. 

Weekend news recap  
November 23, 2020 - COVID-19 continues to have an impact across the country in different ways from rising numbers, to lockdown measures and the winter holidays. Canadian Press news editor Michelle McQuigge has been following the developments all weekend to join us for a weekend news recap.

Federal COVID-19 policy
November 18, 2020 - We’ve seen COVID 19 cases surging throughout the country despite a series of regional restrictions being implemented. Would the Federal Government be able to implement a Federal COVID-19 strategy? Veteran political correspondent Craig Oliver joins us to share his perspective on the political side of a COVID-19 strategy. 

Pandemic films and series
November 18, 2020 - As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we’re starting to see more references to pandemics in new films and TV series. But is this right time to present these stories to the public? Our senior show producer, Andrika De Lanerolle, joins us to discuss pandemic films and series. 

Demand for guide dogs during the pandemic
November 16, 2020 - For the accessibility story roundup, we chat about how COVID-19 has resulted in a huge increase in demand for guide dogs for the blind. The CNIB says demand for guide dogs has increased a staggering 300 per cent, meaning wait times for the service animals will also increase. Dave Brown shares the details on this story. 

Snow removal during COVID-19
November 13, 2020 - In our weekly news panel with Michelle McQuigge and Meagan Gillmore, we also chat about how sidewalk snow removal might be changing amid the pandemic this winter in some Canadian cities. 

Hospital protocols for COVID-19 in Ontario 
November 12, 2020 - David Lepofsky from the AODA Alliance discusses the Ontario government’s decision to withdraw its controversial protocols for hospital triage during COVID. 

COVID-19 carrying farmed animals 
November 12, 2020 - Producer Dawn Dickinson joins us to preview some articles from The Guardian This Week. She tells us how scientists say we must think hard about how we farm animals that are known hosts of human coronaviruses. Dawn also chats about a second article. A recent report warns of a ‘yawning gap’ between government rhetoric on the environment and the years of underfunding the government’s conservation watchdog ‘Natural England.’

Food insecurity during COVID-19
November 11, 2020 - Accessibility reporter Meagan Gillmore recaps the recent reports about food insecurity for people with disabilities during the pandemic. 

Too few Canadians with disabilities got tax-free COVID-19 benefit, minister charges
November 10, 2020 - For the accessibility story roundup, we chat about how the federal minister overseeing Ottawa’s support of Canadians with disabilities says the government must find a better way to deliver funds to them, after a benefit to help compensate them for pandemic expenses failed to reach all who needed it. Dave Brown shares the details.