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Mary Mammoliti peeks above a white table top, smiling and looking to her right. A white coffee mug with the letter M sits on the table to her left. A stack of five cookies sits on the table to her right.

Meet Mary Mammoliti

Here are four things to know about Mary Mammoliti. 

One: She is legally blind 

Two: She has Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease 

Three: She is a cancer survivor 

Four: She smiles all the time! 

Mary is the HAPPIEST SHE'S EVER BEEN thanks to her deteriorating eyesight. Sounds weird? Keep reading and she will explain.... 

“Reading that last line may be a hard pill to swallow but truth be told, over the last few years I've had to learn how to live without fear, embrace the unknown and accept what was happening to me. I’m fortunate to have and still maintain what sight I do have, be it a mess of obstructed central vision. It’s all mine! I’ve mourned what my life once was and now I choose to celebrate all that has yet to come.” 

“This transformation was not easy, and I still work at it every day. Somewhere along this road, I discovered my passion for cooking. Creating healthy recipes from scratch and reconnecting with my kitchen has allowed me to see life as a world filled with endless possibilities.” 

Mary is a Toronto-based food writer and cook behind Kitchen Confession. She works as a freelance recipe curator, radio and TV personality, food blogger, amateur food photographer and the host of the Kitchen Confession podcast. 

Educating and speaking about vision loss is Mary’s passion, inspiring others to find their light of happiness is what drives her. 

As Mary says, “The bottom line is this: I'm finding the ability in my disability.”