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  • Avalanches and Landslides

    Avalanches and Landslides

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Avalanches move snow and landslides move earth, but they have many dangerous things in common, including sudden and ferocious speeds. Ness Murby offers advice on how to avoid these hazards, and how to handle them as safely as possible if you do get caught in one.

  • Determining Vulnerabilities

    Determining Vulnerabilities

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    You may have to self-sufficient for up to 72 hours when emergencies strike. Host Ness Murby guides you through analyzing your communications plan, your information plan, and dealing with stress.

  • Grab and Go Kits

    Grab and Go Kits

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    The grab and go kit is an essential for handling an emergency. Ness Murby walks through what you should include in your personalized grab and go kit to ensure your needs as a person who is blind or partially sighted are met.

  • Fire


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Fires can strike anywhere, and can drastically change familiar environments. Ness Murby is your guide for assessing your risks, planning your fire routes, and handling the actual event of a fire in a safe way.

  • First Aid

    First Aid

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    First aid is more than just a kit, it’s training on how to use it and what to do in those precious moments following an emergency. Ness Murby helps identify what should be in your first aid kit, along with where to find education programs that will make it an effective tool.

  • Home Kit

    Home Kit

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    You may have your best opportunity to be safe by staying inside your home and, in some cases, shelter for up to seven days. Ness Murby breaks down the optimal approach for at-home emergency kits, and how to build one that’s particular to you.

  • Severe Storms

    Severe Storms

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    The power of severe storms can have catastrophic results. Ness Murby covers learning about storm forecasting, and creating a plan on how to deal with different types of storms as they strike. From reinforcing your home to relocating chemicals, these tips can save lives.

  • Power Outages

    Power Outages

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    What will you do if the power goes out? Being prepared can make power outages easy to handle. Ness Murby takes you through the steps to beating a blackout emergency with the right plan, tools and advice.

  • Determining Your Hazards

    Determining Your Hazards

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Hazards can take a situation from dangerous to critical in an instant. Ness Murby goes through the steps of evaluating the area in which you live, and the disasters that could strike there. Learn how, where, and when to find information from government agencies.

  • Introduction


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Host Ness Murby guides you through the key stages of emergency planning: risk assessment, planning, and building your emergency kits. These three key steps will get you started on a path to being prepared for whatever emergencies come your way.

  • Food and Water Preparation

    Food and Water Preparation

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    72 hours. That’s how long you should be prepared to shelter in place in an emergency. Ness Murby shares how much the average person and average service dog eats and drinks per day, letting you plan for food and water in an efficient and effective way.

  • Personal Documents

    Personal Documents

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Your documentation is a lifeline to the things you own, your health, your assistive technology, and any insurance claims you might have to make. Ness Murby walks through which documents you need to secure, and how to secure them easily.

  • Preparation


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Preparing for emergencies is one of the most important factors in staying safe and mitigating risk. Ness Murby walks through the steps you should use, as a person who is blind or partially sighted, to create effective plans that will be easy to stick to in an emergency.

  • Reunification


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Ness Murby explores the key elements of reunifying with people you trust. Learn how to pick a meeting point, what you should do to practice your route, and important communication pointers.

  • Evacuation Planning

    Evacuation Planning

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Ness Murby breaks down the facts around evacuation, including how to plan your evacuation routes and procedures, when to be on high alert, when to prepare to leave, and when to evacuate immediately.

  • Your Personal Needs

    Your Personal Needs

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Planning for an emergency is more than just a list of steps: you need to assess your personal needs and build a plan that meets them. Ness Murby explores key needs including communication, medical, and functional needs that can arise in an emergency.

  • Floods


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Floods are among the most frequent natural disasters and those dangers don't subside when the waters recede. Ness Murby teaches you how to handle walking or moving in a flood, how to avoid electrocution and contamination, and what to do when your home has been affected.

  • Earthquakes and Tsunamis

    Earthquakes and Tsunamis

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Earthquakes can range from barely perceptible to violent disruptions and upheavals, and when they do tsunamis soon follow. Ness Murby helps set your plan in place, right up to the moment the disaster strikes, and beyond.

  • Hurricanes and Tornadoes

    Hurricanes and Tornadoes

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    For those in tornado or hurricane-prone areas, the threat of these storms can’t be overstated. Vicious fast winds, debris, and rain or hail can put those in the path of a hurricane or tornado in grave danger. Ness Murby breaks down the steps before, during, and after a hurricane or tornado.

  • Pets and Service Animals

    Pets and Service Animals

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Service animals and pets are there for you every step of the way. Ness Murby goes through the key steps to preparing your pet plan, pitfalls to watch out for, and how to build an emergency kit that will meet their needs.