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  • Collette


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Collette wants to get back into the dating game, and is ready to swap out her athleisure for evening wear and dive into some romance. As a power wheelchair user, she wants a look that fits her body and works with her device.

  • Morgan


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Morgan is a self-proclaimed theatre nerd and playwright who loves to knit and make candles. She’s been keeping a low-profile with her basics, but this bombshell is ready to slip into some sophisticated looks that will show off her incredible personality.

  • Gabi


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    As a woman of colour and a little person, Gabi uses social media to shine a light on representation. And while this bold content creator isn’t afraid to take risks, she feels like she’s been playing it safe with a style that gives more teenage tomboy than influencer queen.

  • Wes


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Wes is an aspiring actor with an energy that’s larger than life. They’ve recently come out as non-binary and want a new wardrobe that accurately reflects their gender.

  • Philiz


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Philiz is a ball of energy who struggles with chronic fatigue. After getting stuck in a style rut during her recovery, she’s on the hunt for elevated, accessible pieces to take her to the next level.

  • Emilee


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Emilee is done with her girl-next-door look. But as someone who is partially sighted, she’s unsure about navigating fashion and beauty on her own. She wants tips, tricks and hacks on how to put together a professional, polished look independently.