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  • Brianna Hennessy and Ottobock

    Brianna Hennessy and Ottobock

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Brianna Hennessy has established herself as a force on the wheelchair rugby court and on the water as a member of Canada’s Para Canoe team. And discover how Ottobock's revolutionary initiatives are empowering athletes to stay active and reach their full potential.

  • Mollie Jepsen and Jake Peacock

    Mollie Jepsen and Jake Peacock

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Mollie Jepsen decided to step away from Para Alpine skiing following the 2022 Paralympics in Beijing. Find out why, what she hopes to get from the time off, and her plans for the future. Also, Muay Thai fighter Jake Peacock demonstrates what it takes to be a champion.

  • Tyler Turner

    Tyler Turner

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Tyler Turner is an athlete who excels in both skydiving and snowboarding. Showcasing the power of camaraderie and determination in achieving greatness, we get a glimpse of the inclusive community of adventure lovers the Paralympic champion has built on Vancouver Island.

  • Chaz Misuraca and ASAD

    Chaz Misuraca and ASAD

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Chaz Misuraca's transformative journey with Para climbing helped him conquer personal struggles and achieve new heights in life and sport. And, we explore the innovative ASAD program, which aims to provide young Para athletes with a holistic approach to training.