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  • Onward and Upward

    Onward and Upward

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    After years of job instability, Ness finally has something to celebrate at work. And, after months of fighting to prove themselves and uncertainty, Ness receives the final decision: will he be retained to Team Canada?

  • Trying to Keep Up

    Trying to Keep Up

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    In the wake of Lex’s unexpected early retirement, Ness and Eva deliberate over the options of getting a new guide dog, involving a potentially dangerous trip to the U.S.

  • Against All Odds

    Against All Odds

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Ness and Eva are in a rush to get new gear and perform well as they head into the final competition of the season. This is Ness’ last chance to fight for his place on the Canadian National Team. 

  • Embracing the Change

    Embracing the Change

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Ness and Eva have a week of celebrations that include their 10th wedding anniversary and Ness’ one-year anniversary on testosterone. Their excitement is dramatically cut short when they become the victims of a heartbreaking crime.

  • Comfortable in My Skin

    Comfortable in My Skin

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Every Tuesday, Ness makes the life-affirming decision to inject his body with testosterone. Ness describes how this life-saving medicine has transformed his body, changing his appearance, strength and mindset.

  • Stepping into the Arena

    Stepping into the Arena

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Ness prepares for the lead up to the Canadian Athletics Championships, his first national competition as an openly trans man. But right before the competition, Ness receives an email that jeopardizes his entire athletics career.