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  • The Incident

    The Incident

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    When Sports Dynasty challenges One More Time to a hockey game, DJ must finally confront the real reason he retired from playing pro hockey.

  • New Deaf Experience

    New Deaf Experience

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    After his hearing aids are stolen, DJ must put an end to the chain of gossip surrounding Eddie’s infidelity before Eddie finds out who ratted him out to Gwen.

  • Curs-ed


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    A curse descends upon the store on inventory night, terrorizing the staff.

  • Ah Néro

    Ah Néro

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Celebrating his three week-aversary with a new fling, DJ must come to terms with the true nature of his relationship while dining in the dark.

  • The New Deaf Girl

    The New Deaf Girl

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    After reading an angry store review, DJ sets out to hire another employee from the disability community.

  • Lazer Blade

    Lazer Blade

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    When One More Time introduces a new AI-powered skate sharpener, DJ struggles to convince the team and customers that the future isn’t always best.

  • Bed Bugs

    Bed Bugs

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    When bed bugs invade One More Time on the same day the store is being profiled by the local newspaper, the team must band together to prevent any bad press and save the store from a PR nightmare.

  • Brittle By Brittle

    Brittle By Brittle

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    When DJ and his crush, Gwen, get trapped in a garage looking for used skis, he tries to use this time to profess his feelings, but the garage has other plans.

  • Mis-Interpretation


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    When DJ is set up on a blind date with a woman who is Deaf and non-verbal, he struggles to find a way to communicate with her.

  • Chris Gets Hired

    Chris Gets Hired

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    After accidentally getting Chris fired from Sports Dynasty, DJ tries to hire him as a security guard for OMT, which creates more problems than he imagined.

  • Rocket Richard's Skates

    Rocket Richard's Skates

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    When a customer unknowingly trades in some very valuable Rocket Richard skates, DJ sets out to find their rightful owner despite Cynthia’s wishes to use the cash to help spruce up their struggling store.

  • Unselfish UnSaturday

    Unselfish UnSaturday

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    When One More Time’s annual fundraiser delivers a lacklustre turnout, DJ goes head-to-head with his biggest rival Carlito, the manager at Sports Dynasty, who is holding a competing event just to mess with OMT.