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  • How Far We've Come...

    How Far We've Come...

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    The Wheelie Peeps stage a coup of a government parking lot. Meanwhile, Victoria bids Brian a final farewell, and the Peeps gather for a bonfire where they reflect on their lives and friendship.

  • Drag me to Brunch

    Drag me to Brunch

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    When Aleem expresses insecurities about being “out” in public, Brian shows up as “Brianna” to the Wheelie Peep drag brunch. Meanwhile, Victoria takes some important steps to finally move on from Brian.

  • Squirrel Stew

    Squirrel Stew

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Brian pushes the Wheelie Peeps way out of their comfort zone on an off-the-grid camping trip. Meanwhile, Bean struggles with the decision to make her new relationship official.

  • Let's Talk About Sex

    Let's Talk About Sex

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Bean seeks the Wheelie Peeps' advice about sex with a fellow wheelchair user. Brian and Victoria reach a decision about their future.

  • Never Look Back

    Never Look Back

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Natasha attends a cheerleading reunion, Brian and Riccardo live it up in Italy and Bean reveals some unsettling news about her long-distance boyfriend.

  • Ostinato


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    In Italy, Brian supports Riccardo on an emotional trip to reunite with his former music mentor. Back home, Bean is on the job, helping Aleem adjust to his new reality as a full-time wheelchair user.

  • Bollywheels!


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    As Bean and Roneel battle the pressures of their upcoming “Bollywheels” debut, Brian takes space from Victoria by joining Riccardo on a trip back home to Italy.

  • The Higher You Climb...

    The Higher You Climb...

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    After a group skydiving adventure, Brittney organizes a surprise birthday party for Brian as he and Victoria work through a rocky time in their relationship. Meanwhile, Aleem is hospitalized.