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Seeing Music

Go on a musical journey across Canada and around the world, meeting blind and partially sighted musicians for whom music is not only a passion but a way of living.

Seeing Music

Go on a musical journey across Canada and around the world, meeting blind and partially sighted musicians for whom music is not only a passion but a way of living.

  • 100% Authentic

    100% Authentic

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Pianist Raúl Thais Antequera seeks to free music from constraints, while multi-instrumentalist Tcha Limberger, has traveled the planet to absorb different musical styles directly from their source.

  • A Perfect Match

    A Perfect Match

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    If Frédéric Lamory sings about love with such heartfelt sincerity, and Jean d'Alby displays such a deep commitment to the heritage instrument entrusted to him, it’s thanks to the constant support of a pair of exceptional women for whom the line between personal and professional life doesn’t

  • Bound by Music

    Bound by Music

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    In East Harlem, Alvin Suarez and his bandmates make the neighbourhood resonate with hot Latin rhythms. And in Barcelona, jazz percussionist David Viñolas dazzles audiences by pushing the boundaries of the genre.

  • Living Your Dream

    Living Your Dream

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Percussionist Vanderlei Pereira left his native Brazil to try his luck in New York, while singer Kessy Mac Queen came from Saint Lucia to conquer Europe. Both shine in welcoming new lands made all the more beautiful with their music.

  • From TV to Reality

    From TV to Reality

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Singers Vincent Vinel and Alan Pingarron rose from anonymity to become reality TV stars in France and Mexico. But once the cameras are turned off, it is through their talent, perseverance and hard work that they are forging a career they’re determined will be far from fleeting.

  • The Streets of Oaxaca

    The Streets of Oaxaca

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    The town of Oaxaca, Mexico, has an undeniable charm enhanced all the more by its many street musicians, including accordionist Maximiliano Cruz, keyboardist Jorge Gijón and Juan Lopez, a young percussionist who taps out his complex rhythms on tin cans and containers.

  • Magic of the Moment

    Magic of the Moment

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Between Mexico City, where cellist Maricarmen Graue lives, and pianist Ignasi Terraza’s Barcelona, we embark on a journey where the unexpected and the ephemeral meet the truly sublime - all in the uncharted magical domain of musical improvisation.

  • Sensitive Strings

    Sensitive Strings

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    We take you an unforgettable six-string musical journey from Canada to Spain, exploring the classical guitar and the unique passion of flamenco with Ioana Gandrabur and Juan Miguel Ramos.

  • For the Love of Music

    For the Love of Music

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Madrid jazz singer Cristina Diaz and adopted Montrealer Alvino Forbes have no conservatory degrees, but they’ve both chosen music as their personal form of creative expression. Two positive individuals for whom friendship is essential, and happiness seems as natural as breathing.

  • Family Men

    Family Men

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Ottawa-born singer-songwriter Lucas Haneman is an accomplished singer and guitarist. Mexico-based pianist Eduardo Ibarra is a talented jazzman and a devoted teacher. What keeps these two artists on the same page is the importance both place on a harmonious family life.

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