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  • The Last Dinner

    The Last Dinner

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Vincent organizes a dinner at the presbytery with Martin and Pascal. Then, the four men take stock of the past few months and look ahead at what awaits them in the short term.

  • Adolescence


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    David and Pascal meet a 7-foot-5 teenager who is about to enter the world of college basketball. Meanwhile, Vincent recalls his adolescence, a period when anger inhabited him, and Martin realizes only he can change his love life.

  • A Giant's Odyssey

    A Giant's Odyssey

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Our four protagonists spend the day together. Whether on a restaurant terrace, at the Jean-Talon market or at the top of Mount Royal, their large size attracts the attention and fascination of passers-by.

  • The Date

    The Date

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Martin has a date with Amélie, a 6-foot-tall woman. Meanwhile, David confides in his difficulty trusting others and Pascal takes us on a tour of his school, which welcomes students with behavioral problems.

  • Sports and Introspection

    Sports and Introspection

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Martin meets a nutritionist who gives him some tips for weight loss. Meanwhile, Vincent shares his passion for the circus and kung fu and David tests his patience with golf.

  • Give Back to Others

    Give Back to Others

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Martin renews his foundation in order to organize a bowl-a-thon, David goes to meet a young entrepreneur he mentored, and Pascal shares his knowledge with young basketball players.

  • Day to Day

    Day to Day

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Vincent plans on creating a youth hostel in the basement of the church. Meanwhile, David wants more space for his store, Pascal prepares his basketball camps and Martin is a security guard by day, an actor by night.

  • The Health of a Giant

    The Health of a Giant

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Martin gets back to training because his weight poses a health risk. Meanwhile, David must have a high-calorie diet, Vincent confides in his acromegaly and Pascal recalls an episode of cardiac arrhythmia he experienced.

  • Family


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Family is key to our four protagonists. We talk about the female point of view regarding tallness and the influence that parents, spouses and children have in our lives. Martin, determined to find love, creates a profile on a dating site.

  • The Meeting

    The Meeting

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Pascal, David, Martin and Vincent invite us into their homes. The foursome get to know each other by meeting at David's store, a shoe shop for tall people.