How to access AMI-audio Podcasts on Stitcher

Stitcher attempts to be the audio equivalent of a newspaper. It will put podcasts you subscribe to in a playlist which can be navigated easily. You don't need to pay for the premium option in order to subscribe to and hear podcasts. If you allow the app to give you notifications, it will suggest podcasts based on what you listen to. By default, it will place them in a playlist called "favourites". If desired, you can make additional playlists to keep groups of podcasts organized. Unless you specify otherwise, episodes will be streamed rather than downloaded.

There are settings which modify this behaviour as well as other aspects of your listening experience. Changing the "Upon App Launch" setting to "favorites playlist" will save you time. Easily navigate this app by double-tapping the "main menu" button and then double-tap the area you wish to go to. For instance, double-tap "main menu" and then double-tap "settings". To recreate out of a set of choices, look for the "back" button at the top left. Should this not work, flick right through elements of the screen until coming to an "OK" button. Double-tap this and you should then be free to navigate as normal.

How to Subscribe:

  1. Double-tap the "main menu" button found near the top left of the screen.
  2. Double-tap the "browse shows" option. Find this by feeling around the screen or flicking three times to the right from the "my front page" option you start on whenever the main menu is invoked.
  3. Once in the "Browse shows"area, find the "search" button by flicking to the right of the "main menu" button. Double-tap the "search" button.
  4. This brings up a form where you can enter the name of the show you're interested in subscribing to. Type as much of the name as you can remember for best results. Example: Live From Studio 5.
  5. Flick right to go through the results and double-tap on the show name. As the hint information indicates, this takes you to a screen with more information about the show. Look through this to make certain this result is what you want. Towards the top of the screen, you'll find an "add to playlist" button. Double-tap this. It will then show as being selected and you have successfully subscribed to the podcast. New episodes will appear in your playlist from now on.

How to Listen:

  1. Go to the playlist containing the podcast you want to hear. If you haven't configured the setting to start you there, double-tap the "main menu" button and then flick right to the correct playlist button. Double-tap this.
  2. Flick right through the shows on your playlist and double-tap the one you wish to hear. Note the sort and edit buttons which can be used to manage your list. Also, there is the "play offline" toggle. When on, episodes will be downloaded to your device so they can be played even when disconnected from the Internet. Otherwise, episodes will stream to your device as needed and not fill up your device's storage.
  3. Once an episode is playing, you can double-tap with two fingers to pause or resume playback. This can also be done through the control buttons on the playback screen which will be present. Should you be using a Bluetooth keyboard, EarPods or another headset having remote controls, these can be used to pause, resume, or move to previous or next episodes.

Was this helpful? We want your feedback. Tell us what you think about these platforms. Are they accessible? Do you enjoy using them? Is there another app you use to download podcasts that you prefer?

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