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  • Staying Healthy

    Staying Healthy

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    The sexuality of people with disabilities is too often denied or medicalized, which results in a lack of sex education. Rachele looks for ways to prioritize safety, while still enjoying great sex.

  • Lovemaking


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Whether it’s by yourself or with someone else, there are lots of ways to experience physical sex. On the other hand, some people have no desire to participate in “the act” whatsoever.

  • Partnership


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Keeping a relationship fresh and sexy takes work and imagination. Rachele meets with a sex coach, and two interabled couples, about making it work long-term.

  • eSex


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    With the rise of dating apps, virtual reality and porn, is the Internet a utopia, or a minefield, for people with disabilities looking to explore their sexuality? Rachele hunts for the truth.

  • All Ages

    All Ages

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    From puberty to old age, disability impacts our sex lives in big and small ways. Rachele Manett examines the way our needs and desires change throughout our lives.

  • Sex Lives & Videotape

    Sex Lives & Videotape

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Depictions of the sex lives of people with disabilities are almost non-existent in pop culture. Rachele asks why and sets out on a mission to change it.

  • Finding Pride

    Finding Pride

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Rachele uncovers true stories about the journey to discovering one’s true self while investigating the intersection between sexuality, gender identity and disability.