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The Pulse

Joeita Gupta brings us closer to issues impacting the disability community across Canada. 

The Pulse

Joeita Gupta brings us closer to issues impacting the disability community across Canada. 

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Season 1

Episode 1: Blind Girl Design

Episode 2: Cripping Sex Education

Episode 3: Disability Ingenuity in Memoir Writing 

Episode 4: Decolonizing Autism Services

Episode 5: Autobiography as Disability Advocacy

Episode 6: Becoming a Proud Stutterer

Episode 7: Narrating the Housing Crisis: Madness & Homelessness in Documentaries

Episode 8: Disability, Employment and Workplace Advocacy

Episode 9: Siblings, Disability & Financial Security

Episode 10: The Dialysis Project: Portrait of a Chronic Illness

Episode 11: Canada Disability Benefit explained

Episode 12: Leona Godin: Cultural History of Blindness

Episode 13: Celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022

Episode 14: Exploring Suitcase Stories

Episode 15: Doctors, Disabled Patients and Ableism

Episode 16: The Necklace

Episode 17: Keeping New Year's Resolutions

Episode 18: More Sex & Disability

Episode 19: End-of-Life Planning

Episode 20: Disability, Youth and Storytelling

Episode 21: Paralympians, Disability & Resilience

Episode 22: Making Love Accessible

Episode 23: Being Black & Disabled: A Parent's Perspective

Episode 24: Being Black & Disabled: A Researcher's Perspective

Episode 25: Being Black & Disabled: An Advocate's Perspective

Episode 26: Parenting and Disability

Episode 27: CRA explains the Disability Tax Credit

Episode 28: CRA explains the Registered Disability Savings Plan

Episode 29: Life Admin: The Office Work of Life

Episode 30: What Is Intuition?

Episode 31: Art, Grief, and Disability

Episode 32: Making Journalism Accessible

Episode 33: Disability and Cycling

Episode 34: Exploring Disability History in pre-Civil War America

Episode 35: Disability & Working in Non-Profits

Episode 36: Stephanie Cadieux, Canada's Chief Accessibility Officer

Episode 37: Birding While Blind

Episode 38: Disability & Housing, Part 1

Episode 39: Disability & Housing, Part 2: Accessible Housing

Episode 40: Disability & Housing, Part 3: Home Ownership

Episode 41: Making Pride Disability Inclusive

Episode 42: Making Braille Art

Episode 43: Let's Rent a Train: A new documentary on the League for Socialist Action

Episode 44: Disability on Stage

Episode 45: Disability Representation Behind the Camera

Episode 46: Blind Painter John Bramblitt: Painting in the Dark

Episode 47: Rena Katz: Exploring Intergenerational Trauma and the Holocaust

Episode 48: Annahid Dashtgard on "Bones of Belonging: Finding Wholeness in a White World"

Episode 49: Disability and Transnational Adoption

Episode 50: Designing Inclusive Post-Secondary Education

Episode 51: Accessibility at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Episode 52: Disability in Animation


Season 2

Episode 1: Disability Wisdom & Spirituality

Episode 2: Catherine Frazee: Dispatches from Disabled Country

Episode 3: Against Technoableism

Episode 4: Blind on the Runway

Episode 5: Disability & Job Accessibility

Episode 6: Meet Wheelchair Basketball Athlete Chantal Benoit, 2023 Canadian Disability Hall of Fame Inductee

Episode 7: Meet Michelle Stilwell, Paralympian, Politician and 2023 Canadian Disability Hall of Fame Inductee

Episode 8: Meet Gold Medal Paraskiier Natalie Wilkie, Canada's Disability Hall of Fame

Episode 9: What is Ablenationalism? Anastasia Todd

Episode 10: Disability & Ageing

Episode 11: Letters with Smokie: Blindness, Guide Dogs & More Than Human Questions