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Alex Hajjar and Ardra Shephard smile into the camera.

Meet Ardra Shephard and Alex Hajjar

Ardra Shephard

Ardra Shephard is a writer, consultant, and speaker, whose award-winning blog, Tripping On Air, enjoys an international reach and reputation.

Ardra is the creator and host of AMI-tv's lifestyle series Fashion Dis. Ardra has a regular column with BezzyMS (Ask Ardra Anything), and is a reporter with LivedHealth where she leads informative and educational conversations with leading MS specialists.

Ardra is on a mission to change minds about what it means to live with chronic illness and to have disability positively reflected as part of a diverse society. Accessible bars in Toronto would also be nice. 

Follow Ardra on Twitter: @tripping_onair and Instagram: @ms_trippingonair

Alex Hajjar

Alex Hajjar is the host, producer, and creative overthinker behind Social Animals, a podcast about friendship.

A civil engineering technologist by trade, Alex is also a punk-rock bass guitarist whose hobbies include world travel, hanging with his cat Nacho, and figuring out how to find chill about his beautiful wife Nicole's MS diagnosis.