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Ardra Shephard smiles into the camera. She is sitting behind an open laptop, a microphone to her right.

Tripping On Air

Ardra Shephard brings her confessional/informational blog Tripping On Air to the podcast airwaves where she spills the tea on what it’s really like to live with MS.

Tripping On Air

Ardra Shephard brings her confessional/informational blog Tripping On Air to the podcast airwaves where she spills the tea on what it’s really like to live with MS.

Recent episodes

  • How to Reinvent When MS (or Anything Else) Threatens Your Sense of Purpose

    Authored on January 12, 2024

    Losing a sense of purpose can be one of the more devastating invisible symptoms of MS. But perfect health is not a prerequisite for a life of meaning. On this episode of the Tripping On Air podcast we’re talking about how to reinvent when MS (or anything) tries to get in the way of your identity and sense of purpose.


    • Show Open (00:00)
    • Introduction (00:30)
    • When Your Sense of Purpose is Threatened (1:30)
    • Putting Work Last (03:00)
    • Picking a Primary Identity (04:24)
    • Making a List of the Roles You Play (05:26)
    • Secret Identities – Party Planner & Family Archivist (06:16)
    • Listing Relationships & Deepening Connections (08:24)
    • Asking for Help (11:37)
    • List All the Things You’re Good At (13:07)
    • Advice Giving (16:06)
    • List Your Areas of Expertise (19:33)
    • Exploring Your Passions (20:43)
    • Using AI to Identify Purpose (24:33)
    • Show Close (26:04)


  • 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

    Authored on November 24, 2023

    The annual Tripping On Air Holiday Gift guide is here and it’s bigger and better than ever, because we know that the right gift can make MS, or any chronic illness, suck just a little bit less. We’ve got 19 gifts for people with MS and more than two thousand dollars worth of giveaways you do not want to miss.

    AMI and Tripping On Air are getting into the holiday spirit and giving away 16 Prizes from our 2023 MS Holiday Gift Guide. 

    The contest period begins November 24, 2023, and ends December 7, 2023 and is open to Canadian Residents. 

    Find full details on our website:


    • Holiday Gift Guide Introduction (00:30)
    • The Best Stocking Stuffers (01:11)
    • Pop Sockets, are they still a thing? (05:22)
    • Sleep Masks (06:22)
    • Door Magnets (07:27)
    • No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces (09:01)
    • Mobility Aid Flair: Cup holder and Umbrella Attachments (10:17)
    • 52 Essential Inclusion Cards by Julie Stamm (12:00)
    • “Some Days” Children’s Book by Julie Stamm (14:13)
    • MS Gym Membership (15:35)
    • “MSing Link” Book by Dr. Gretchen Hawley (17:27)
    • VR Headset (19:48)
    • LapGear and other Lap Desks (22:30)
    • BeCare MSLink App (24:38)
    • Little Hotties Charcoal Adhesive Foot Warmers (28:49)
    • Mountain Equipment Booties (28:46)
    • Penkou Portable Neck Fan (30:28)
    • HOPE Collection Bracelets by Jacqueline Lapuck (31:41)
    • Pedicures & Professor G's MS-Selfie Newsletter (33:26)
    • Indie Lee Skincare Products (36:30)
    • Wunder Puff Cropped Jacket from Lululemon, Ideal for Seated Bodies (37:42)
    • byACRE Carbon Fiber Rollators (40:59)
    • byACRE Nordic Pioneer (42:35)
    • Holiday Gift Guide Contest Details (44:23)
    • Show Close (44:56)

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  • Skip The Mistletoe: 12 Tips For Tripping Through The Holidays With MS

    Authored on November 10, 2023


    Whether it’s fatigue, concerns about accessibility, or even sensory overload, MS can make the festive season feel like more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re tempted to just stay home and sit the celebrations out, this episode is for you. We’ve got 12 tips to make sure your social life isn’t a casualty of MS. Plus, you’re gonna wanna share this episode with the party people in your life, because we’ve got tips for what your friends and family can do to make sure you can all enjoy the holidays together. 


    Link to :


    Episode Highlights:


    Tip 1: Picking an accessible party venue           (2:50) an organization that makes custom ramps to help make inaccessible venues more accessible       (3:50)

    Tip 2: Pre-Rest Before Events     (5:17)

    Tip 3: Be Flexible           (8:01)

    Tip 4: Let Go of the Guilt           (9:42)

    Tip 5: Lower Your Expectations (12:43)

    Tip 6: Have a Plan B      (15:11)

    Tip 7: If You’re Sick, Stay Home  (18:43)

    Tip 8: Cut Corners         (20:48)

    Tip 9: Communicate at a Neutral Time   (24:37)

    Tip 10: Drink Water, Stick to your Diet, Exercise and Sleep Routine (28:39)

    Tip 11: Do not Judge    (30:52)

    Tip 12: Plan for Downtime the Day After a Party            (33:17)

    Alex’s Band: Howlin’ Circus       (34:54)


    About Ardra

    Ardra Shephard is a sought-after writer, consultant, and speaker, whose award-winning blog Tripping On Air has an international reach and reputation. Ardra is the creator and host of AMI-tv’s lifestyle series Fashion Dis. Ardra’s personal essays and non-fiction work have appeared in FASHION magazine, InStyle, WebMD and others. Ardra has a regular column with BezzyMS (Ask Ardra Anything), and a powerful social media presence. Yahoo Lifestyle reported that “@ms_trippingonair is the number one chronic illness account to follow on Instagram.”