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How to access AMI-audio Podcasts on TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is available for download free on iOS and Android devices and is primarily designed for listening to Internet radio stations and has introduced podcast functionality. Along with listening to AMI-audio podcasts you can also use the app to tune into AMI-audio by live streaming our station, provided you're connected to the Internet. Easily locate the AMI-audio live stream by searching for "AMI-audio." Knowing how to make use of the VoiceOver rotor will allow far more enjoyable use of this app to listen to podcasts. 

Useful gestures for this app:

  • One finger touch and drag: explore the screen
  • Swipe right or left: select the next or previous item
  • One finger Double-tap: activate the selected item
  • Two-finger double-tap: answer or end a call; Play or pause in Music, Videos, Voice Memos or Podcasts 
  • Two finger scrub: while touching the screen with two fingers slightly apart, quickly move back and forth to move back a screen
  • Rotor gesture: while touching the screen with two fingers slightly apart, turn them in the same fashion as turning a dial on a radio
  • One finger swipe up or down: activates the feature you have chosen with the rotor gesture

How To Subscribe:

  1. There are four tabs across the bottom of the app: Home, Favorites, Browse and Search. Double-tap on the "Search" tab.
  2. You will be placed in an edit field where you can type in the name of a show. For example: The Pulse. When you’re done typing, find and double-tap the search button in the bottom right corner.
  3. Search results are divided into categories with stations being given top spot. With the rotor set to headings, flick down until you come to podcasts. At that point, flick right to go through the results. Double-tap the one you want. This takes you to the podcast's profile page.
  4. Feel around the top of the screen to find the back button. Flick right a few times to find the Favorite button and double-tap on it. There will be no indication of having subscribed to the podcast, but you can verify this by going to the favorites tab. See below.
  5. To make certain you have subscribed successfully, double-tap on the "Favorites" tab which is second from the far left. Flick down to the "Podcasts" heading and then flick right through the podcasts you have subscribed to.

How to play:

  1. Find and double-tap the "Favorites" tab which is the second tab from the far left. Double-tap it.
  2. With the rotor set to headings, flick down to reach the "Podcasts" section. Flick right through your list of subscribed podcasts and double-tap on the one you're interested in. This takes you to the Podcast’s profile page.
  3. Flick right through the list of available episodes and double-tap on the one you would like to listen to and it will start playing. Past the podcast title is the podcast number, followed by a “More” button that gives you more info on the episode and finally “More Options,” which enables you to share the episode or download it to your phone. 
  4. Once a podcast has begun playing, you will be in a playback screen with options to pause, skip forward and backwards, etc. Flick left or right to go through the options and double-tap the one you want to activate. If you do a double-fingered double tap, you can quickly toggle the play/pause function. To return to the list of episodes, find the “Close” button at the top left of the screen and double-tap on it. Finally, double-tap on the “Back” button to return to the main favourites screen.

Final notes:

  • You may have encountered the “Sign In” option within this app. If so, it’s a good idea to create an account, as it will let you continue the playing of your podcasts on other devices and/or platforms. The free version of the app has ads, but you can remove them by opting for the premium service.

Was this helpful? We want your feedback. Tell us what you think about these platforms. Are they accessible? Do you enjoy using them? Is there another app you use to download podcasts that you prefer?

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