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Loving Lulu

Authored on June 14, 2022

Lulu is an amazing gift who has impacted my life in so many positive ways. Her kind heart, happy nature and innate intelligence are truly remarkable. Becki shares a glimpse into the positive impact that Lulu, Becki's guide dog, has made on her life. Listen to a touching conversation between Becki and Lulu’s puppy raiser, Jack Clarkson.

Episode 19: Guided Steps

Authored on May 10, 2022

My life was changed with a single phone call. The excitement that came along with hearing I had been matched with my future guide dog was incredible. But, learning to walk the walk was definitely more complex than I had anticipated. Join Becki for an informative conversation with her amazing guide dog instructor, Karen Hanlon.

Episode 18: Reality Check

Authored on April 12, 2022

"Sometimes it is easier to try and ignore an issue rather than face it head on. That is, until you accidentally walk right into it. The decision to get a guide dog was something I considered for years.

Join Becki as she talks about applying for a guide dog and, ultimately, taking the next big step. Becki is joined by her Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Lisa, for a conversation. "