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  • To Fix or Not to Fix

    To Fix or Not to Fix

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    We tackle the sensitive topic of “fixing” people living with disabilities and explore the definition of ableism.

  • A Place to Call Home

    A Place to Call Home

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Home sweet home – how do you find the perfect place to live and what's being done to improve accessible, affordable housing in our communities?

  • Parenting Choices

    Parenting Choices

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Parenting and disability: we’ll explore techniques and adaptations that work for Canadian families.

  • Inspiration Porn

    Inspiration Porn

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Many people living with a disability are told they’re inspirational for doing the most ordinary things - a concept now known as Inspiration Porn. Although well meaning, these comments single people out and paint them as objects of inspiration.

  • Dogs at Your Service

    Dogs at Your Service

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Should there be increased regulations for service dogs? Who should cover the cost and how can the ongoing problem of fake service animals be prevented?

  • Our Health and Native Land

    Our Health and Native Land

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Our Health and Native Land travels out of the studio and into First Nations communities to investigate how life on reserve impacts Aboriginal people living with disabilities.

  • Scammers


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Whether it’s a random person or someone you know, scammers often target seniors and people living with disabilities. We take a closer look at the hidden cost of fraud in both instances and the lasting impact scams have on their victims.

  • Navigating University

    Navigating University

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    What obstacles stand in the way of higher education? How Canadian universities can accommodate students of all abilities.