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  • Echoed Words

    Echoed Words

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Poised to graduate from high school and embark on a career, Jayan Juneja’s stuttering has affected his decisions for most of his life. Will attending a speech therapy clinic program help him choose the future he wants?

  • Losing Yourself

    Losing Yourself

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Losing Yourself follows Katrina O’Neil’s battle with memory loss. At 29, Katrina suffered a cardiac arrest, which put her in a coma. When Katrina woke up, she thought she was 15, and had lost all memory of her children and her adult life.

  • Everyone Belongs in Nature

    Everyone Belongs in Nature

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Everyone Belongs in Nature takes a look at the creation of Power To Be’s new world-leading accessible facility through the perspective of Marnie and Adam, two of its participants.

  • Aging in Place

    Aging in Place

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Aging in Place examines the challenges seniors face and the path they follow to live comfortably and happily in their own homes.

  • Mother Tongue

    Mother Tongue

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    She's the child of a mother who is Deaf. He is mixed race. Together they are HALF/ASIAN and Amy the CODA, a synth-pop duo turning the spotlight on Deaf culture in the music industry. Join them on tour and discover how Amy's experiences became the driving force behind the band.

  • Mother Tongue, with ASL

    Mother Tongue, with ASL

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    She's the child of a mother who is Deaf. He is mixed race. Together they are HALF/ASIAN and Amy the CODA, a synth-pop duo turning the spotlight on Deaf culture in the music industry. Join them on tour and discover how Amy's experiences became the driving force behind the band.

  • Makings of a Guide Dog

    Makings of a Guide Dog

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Join conservationist and professional angler Lawrence Gunther on his quest to find the perfect dog to guide him through outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, boating, fishing and camping.

  • Last of the Fur Traders

    Last of the Fur Traders

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    In the early 1950s, Hugh Kroetsch worked on the Arctic Ocean as a Hudson’s Bay Company engineer and filmed his travels. In Last of the Fur Traders, he returns to the Arctic to share his footage and revisit the remote communities he traversed decades ago.

  • A New Friend In Sight

    A New Friend In Sight

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    AMI follows Molly Burke on her journey to find a new guide dog from MIRA in Montreal. We learn about Molly, her family and the challenges of matching a guide dog with a new owner.

  • The Unbirthday Party

    The Unbirthday Party

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Many kids and adults in the disability community have never been invited to a birthday party. Learn more about Friends 4 Kindness, a non-profit that hosts an Unbirthday party to celebrate everyone.

  • DJ Interrupted

    DJ Interrupted

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    For over 20 years, DJ Hunnicutt (a.k.a. Tyler Sneesby) has mixed music for the masses. After losing his vision, Tyler is trying to find new ways to create music, even if it means going head-to-head with a software giant to convince them to program an accessible interface.

  • Behind the Lens

    Behind the Lens

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Behind the Lens takes an intimate look at Angela Waldick, a photographer who overcame setbacks - including legal blindness - to land her dream job.

  • DarkVision


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Dungeons & Dragons is a truly accessible game. Learn more about this real-time role-playing game and the people that play it.

  • Site Unseen

    Site Unseen

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Eager to own their first house, Beth and Cody bought one sight unseen and were faced with a harsh reality once they stepped inside. Follow along as the two turn an unlivable house into the accessible home of their dreams.

  • Think Possible

    Think Possible

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Living with a disability can create barriers in day-to-day life. Unfortunately, many are created by well-meaning people who don’t fully understand what it means to live with a disability. Manitoba Possible works to bring down these barriers.

  • The Road Ahead

    The Road Ahead

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Since 1949, G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre has one of the best spinal cord injury programs in Canada. Learn more about the facility through past and present patients.

  • The Alternate Route

    The Alternate Route

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Join Curtis Ruttle—a 15-year-old skateboarding addict who is partially sighted—as he, his family and friends create Calgary’s first-ever fully accessible skatepark.

  • ArtForm: Sculpture

    ArtForm: Sculpture

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Host Amy Amantea explores sculpture and three-dimensional art through conversations with artists with disabilities.

  • ArtForm: Hip-Hop

    ArtForm: Hip-Hop

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Host Amy Amantea explores the art and creativity of hip-hop music through the experiences of musicians with disabilities.

  • Chris Koch: Make Life Happen

    Chris Koch: Make Life Happen

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Chris Koch is a pretty normal guy. He is a traveller, farmer, motivational speaker and athlete. He has dived with sharks, run marathons and hitchhiked solo across Canada. You name it, he has probably done it. But there is one difference: Chris is a quadruple amputee.

  • Changing Lanes: Jim Marshall

    Changing Lanes: Jim Marshall

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    After being active his whole life, it was a huge setback for Jim to lose his vision almost overnight. But Jim and Pauline, a couple who have always worked as a team, found ways to adapt and keep doing the activities they enjoy.

  • Changing Lanes: Luke Jukes

    Changing Lanes: Luke Jukes

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    When Luke woke up in the hospital following a severe car accident, he had several injuries, including brain trauma and the loss of vision in his right eye. Follow Luke as he lives his life to its fullest cooking, doing yoga, kayaking, hiking, running and dancing.

  • Ripples: CNIB Lake Joe

    Ripples: CNIB Lake Joe

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    What started out as a chance for a small group of campers in the 1950s has come to be a rite of passage for thousands. Capture the essence of CNIB Lake Joe, where the lessons and laughter is carried in the hearts and memories long after camp has ended.

  • Pivot Like a Boss

    Pivot Like a Boss

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many entrepreneurs to change the way they do business. Laura Bain speaks with three entrepreneurs to explore how they are coping in these uncertain times, how they pivoted their businesses and how they are thriving.

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