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  • Jay Ross

    Jay Ross

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Rapper Jay Ross introduces us to his musical family, and we get live performances from him at a blues club and on the radio.

  • Josh Trager

    Josh Trager

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Most don’t realize Josh Trager, the drummer for the Sam Roberts Band, is legally blind. Travel across the country with one of Canada’s most unique musicians.

  • Terry Kelly

    Terry Kelly

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Hitch a ride as we tag along during Terry Kelly's performances for school children at four different locations, and a sold-out concert at a local community centre.

  • Jim Fidler

    Jim Fidler

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Jim Fidler plays guitar, keyboards, drums and traditional Celtic instruments, and has found success in a variety of genres. Enjoy his music, his spirit, and a “Song For Newfoundland” video produced exclusively for Rhythms.

  • Roy Forbes

    Roy Forbes

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Some remember Roy Forbes by his real name; others remember him as Bim. A recent inductee into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame, Roy revisits some of his classics and discusses what’s next as his five-decade career continues.

  • Kara Shaw

    Kara Shaw

    Duration: minutes and seconds

    When Kara Shaw hears a song, she immediately remembers the tune and can play it on a piano whenever she wants. Rob Simpson visits this remarkable young Ontario woman and her family.