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Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther

Outdoor news, environmental issues, reviews of outdoor tech and tips on exploring the outdoors with a guide dog.

Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther

Outdoor news, environmental issues, reviews of outdoor tech and tips on exploring the outdoors with a guide dog.

Recent episodes

  • Episode 86: Northern Lights and Ron Walsh on Living the Outdoor Life

    Authored on September 16, 2023

    On Episode 86 of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, we speak with Ron Walsh, who is blind, about living the outdoor life. Ron offers up some tips on modifying a muzzleloader for sighted targeting assistance; Lawrence reflects on forest fires, smoke, and what it means for the iconic campfire; and in Lilly’s “Did You Know” segment, she explores myths and facts surrounding the Northern Lights. 

    Ron is the host of AMI-tv series Blind Adventures with Ron Walsh, where Ron and his friends explore Saskatchewan and the exciting locations the province has to offer.

    Stream both seasons now on or the free AMI-tv app.

    Ron Walsh Bio

    Ron Walsh realized he might have a vision problem while on a hunting trip in his twenties when he couldn’t see a deer clearly visible to others. He was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a genetic degenerative disease that progressively impairs vision. Ron continued with an active life as his vision deteriorated and when forced to give up his driver’s license, he embraced cycling, embarking on a two-week journey from Calgary to Victoria through the Rogers Pass. Eventually, Ron was forced to give up cycling, but he did not let his blindness become a barrier. Among his many exploits, he became one of the few blind people to traverse the Chilkoot Trail and completed a ten-day canoe trek across the Churchill River.

    Grateful for his many adventures and the help he received to achieve them, Ron created a foundation dedicated to removing barriers for members of the blind and partially sighted community so they can engage in the same exciting, engaging and fun activities. Ron can be found either planning or out on adventures that include hiking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, golfing, bowling, dog-sledding, sailing, kayaking and many others, even some he hasn’t thought of… yet.

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    Lawrence Gunther Bio

    Having earned a Masters in Environmental Studies, Lawrence Gunther is North America's only blind conservationist, outdoor writer, podcaster, blogger, filmmaker and TV personality. A lifelong outdoor enthusiast, in 2007 Lawrence invented the world's first Blind Fishing Boat, was the first Canadian to win an international blind sailing regatta in 2010, and was certified in SCUBA in 2011. 

    Lawrence is a regular contributor on AMI’s NOW with Dave Brown and AMI This Week, and is an author for Outdoor Canada Magazine where you can find episodes of Lawrence's other podcast The Blue Fish Radio Show. Lawrence's award-winning documentary What Lies Below premiered at the Rogers Hot Docs Theatre in Toronto in 2016, and after featuring at film festivals throughout the world, went on to air on AMI-tv and CBC's Documentary Channel for the next three years. 

    Registered blind at age eight, Lawrence acquired his first guide dog in 1986, and his most recent guide dog from the CNIB, a process that was documented through the video series Makings of a Guide Dog. In 2012, Lawrence founded Blue Fish Canada, a charity dedicated to water quality, fish health, and informing and inspiring the next generation of conservation-minded outdoor enthusiasts. 

    Lawrence's outdoor accessibility accomplishments have been recognized with numerous awards including the Governor's General Meritorious Service Medal. 


  • Episode 85: Giant Insects, Forest Fires and AI Colour Description

    Authored on September 3, 2023

    On this episode of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, we explore giant insects, dogs and people with disabilities fleeing forest fires, using Be My Eyes Chat GBT4 to describe fishing lure colours, and what a summer filled with fire could mean for Canada.

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  • Episode 84: Fishing Boating and Hunting Blind

    Authored on August 20, 2023

    On Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, Lilly and Lawrence explore the regulations that govern what people who are blind or partially sighted are legally allowed to do in the outdoors. We are also talking about fishing, boating and hunting; what’s legal, what’s ethical, and what’s doable? We include tips on using technology when hunting when you are blind or partially sighted, and Lawrence reflects on why harvesting nature’s bounty represents an essential relationship with nature that needs to be built and maintained to ensure the future of our natural resources.