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  • Cindy


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Cindy is a stressed-out mother with multiple sclerosis who has always put her family’s needs ahead of her own. Will training for the swimming pool push Cindy to make her own health and wellness a priority?

  • Janice


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Janice is highly motivated to improve her overall health to help her maintain her independence and manage the painful degenerative changes from CMT, the neuromuscular disease she was born with.

  • Dave


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Due to a rare form of fibromyalgia, Dave deals with chronic pain. Now overweight and isolated, Dave hopes training for an open water swim will be the motivation he needs to turn his life around.

  • Jodi


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Jodi, an avid runner, suffered a near-fatal cardiac arrest five years ago. Diagnosed with a rare condition, will training for a run restore her sense of identity, or awaken deeper issues that demand to be addressed?

  • Aaron


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Aaron, a former firefighter, is determined to increase his strength, mobility and, in turn, his independence. Aaron knows that he will have to dig deep for the confidence needed to rebuild and become a hero in his own life.

  • Danielle


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Danielle, who is legally blind, knows she must start making her physical and mental well-being a priority in her busy life. Will she understand how she allowed her needs to come last in time to make a change?

  • Jaime


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Suffering from obesity, high blood pressure and depression, Jaime is terrified she may not be there to care for her boys. Can this woman who gives so much to others keep a commitment to herself?

  • Tracy


    Duration: minutes and seconds

    Once strong and active, a series of strokes paralyzed Tracy's right side. Ever since, she has struggled with the motivation to get moving again. Can Tracy make the big changes needed to turn her life around?