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Graduation, Reunion & Dedication

Authored on April 6, 2021

In our season finale, we learn where life would take Jean Hills, Fred and Gloria Haines after graduation.
From the turbulent 1960’s, to starting their careers, raising families and into retirement; they share stories of the school’s demolition, teachers who made a lifelong impact, and how they reunited with fellow classmates to pay tribute to their beloved Alma Mater.

The Mischievous Miss Congeniality

Authored on March 2, 2021

In this episode, Fred and Gloria Haines talk about the positive impact the Boys Club and Canadian Girls in Training had on their lives, and how the school had very different rules for boys and girls during their teenage years. Meanwhile, Jean Hills reveals how she became Miss Congeniality, the great lengths to which a girl would go to keep up with the hit parade and dishes the dirt on the best make-out spots at the Halifax School for the Blind.

Schoolyard Sweethearts

Authored on February 2, 2021

Love is in the air in this Valentines edition of Tales from the Halifax School for the Blind.

Fred & Gloria Haines share their love story, which began when they were both students at the school, over 60 years ago.

Jeanie MacAllister, now Jean Hills, reflects on first crushes, school dances, and the historic day when the fence, that long separated the boys from the girls, finally came down.