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Two preview screens from video cameras showing dogs sitting around a table.

The K9-Online Institute

For decades, guide dogs have been a valuable tool for the low vision community. With a guide dog at his or her side a person who is blind or partially sighted can navigate the world with confidence, agility and security.

K9-Online is an institution dedicated to training guide dogs to navigate the Internet as well as they do the streets, transit hubs, and business places they visit on a daily basis. Now, the helpfulness a guide dog can offer its owner on the ground won’t be cut short when an owner heads online.

“Dogs are such adaptive and intelligent animals,” says Ruth Donaldson, head instructor of K9-Online. “And the Internet, well, the first time I went online I certainly couldn’t tell which way was up. But look at me now, founding an Internet learning institution. We have the same expectations for our students here.”

Currently in its first cycle, the K9-Online school hopes to see graduates go on to help their owners on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Learn more about K9-Online and its quest to improve web accessibility with this video profile:

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