Live Described Video (Live DV)

  • Authored on February 14, 2019

Live Described Video (LDV) is similar to post-production DV, but is performed in real-time during a live event or program. Live Described Video weaves additional description into what’s already included to create a more vivid picture for the blind and partially sighted audience. AMI-tv has live described a number of high-profile events including The Royal Wedding, Toronto Blue Jays Baseball, the Grey Cup and the Paralympic Summer and Winter Opening ceremonies.

For more information on best practices for Live DV, please read our Live Described Video Best Practice guide (PDF).

Live-to-tape Described Video

Live-to-tape DV is similar in nature to Live DV except that the real-time narration procedure is applied to previously recorded programs. This method is used to expedite the production process for productions with a fast turnaround and little action.

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