Meet the Chefs

Matt Baile, the host of Menu Match-Up, looks slightly away from the camera and smiles. A kitchen set with purple lights is in the background.


Matt Basile

Toronto chef, creator of the food brand Fidel Gastro’s, and owner of Lisa Marie restaurant.


Suzanne Barr

Executive Chef/Owner - Kid Chocolate (opening 2018)
Former owner of Saturday Dinette restaurant

Toben Kochman

Executive Chef/Owner - Toben Food By Design

Deji Oduwole

Chef/Owner - the OduGroup

Missy Hui

Chef de Cuisine - Fabbrica

John Cirillo

Chef/Owner - Cirillo’s Culinary Academy

Anthony Ramundi

Head Chef - La Cantina Catering

Jonny O’Callaghan

Chef - Bru Restaurant and Bar

Joe Friday

Chef/Owner - The Chef Collective

Domenic Chiaromonte

Chef - Motorino Enoteca

Sebastian Gallucci

Chef/Owner - AMA and Che Baby

Russell Auckbaraullee

Chef/Owner - Penthouse Catering

Stephanie Tucci

Executive Chef - Nature’s Emporium

Tallis Voakes

Executive Chef - the Cara Group

Warren Ford

Culinary Professor - George Brown College

Lauren Mozer

Executive Chef - Elle Cuisine Catering

Christian Pritchard

Executive Chef - Aurora Importing